Closet Organizing for the disorganized

Processed with MOLDIVSo my husband asked for a strange Father’s Day gift this year. He asked that I clean up the pile of clothes on our bedroom floor! 😂

Sadly he was serious, I have lots of clothes and rarely do they make it out of the laundry baskets. After weeks of rifling through the baskets they soon became a mountainous pile. You see… I admit it, I’m hopelessly disorganized!  Don’t let my OOTD posts on Instagram fool you, despite the fact that I love putting together outfits, the fact remains that my closet is far from put together! 😉

I think my issues largely stem from having way too many clothes. In my defence though, in my part of Canada the temperature can fluctuate 20 degrees in one day all year round so layers are a must.

I’ve come up with a few tips that I found really helped me when I organize my closet.

1, Seasonal Storage-this is extremely important especially when you live in a climate with 4 distinct seasons.  Whether you opt to store your off season clothes in tubs or bins or even a rolling rack or closet, it’s important to keep those items from cluttering up the space.




2. Organize your clothing by colour. I know this seems a bit OCD but it honestly helps when finding items and selecting outfits in the morning. I also find it helps me keep track of how much I have of everything. Who needs 6 navy cardigans right? 😂


3. Use all the same hangers

its no secret that the flat velvet hangers work best because they are thin therefore take up less space and their texture keeps clothing from slipping off.  You can get them anywhere from Walmart to the dollar store.


4. Donate and sell – I regularly donate clothing and some of my nicer clothing I will sell at consignment stores. I regularly have a bag or two.

5. Make your closet shoppable I know this sounds kind of weird but honestly it works. I was totally motivated to clean off my shelf in my closet so I could have fun decorating it. I display some of my pretty bags and shoes.  I went to the dollar store and found some pretty Tiffany blue tins and faux roses and printed some fun signs from images I googled and I glued on canvasses and propped them up and put them amongst my accessories.  Love how it turned out!!


While my closet is far from one you see on Pinterest or YouTube, but I’m happy to get organized and my hubby is happy that the pile of clothes is gone!! 😂❤️

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