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DIY Tassel Necklaces

My fascination with tassels started at a young age. As a child I remember the sheer drapes that hung in my families living room has these elaborate gold tassels as tie backs and I always remember playing with them. The silky fabric felt so good on the fingers.

You can imagine my delight in the recent fashion trend of tassel necklaces and pretty keychain adorning purses.

The history of tassels goes way back in Biblical times where tassels were tied to garments as a reminder of the commandments! 😀

Now on to the DIY

what you’ll need: beads, string, leather cord and scissors

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

The process is easy, wrap the cord around your hand or cardboard, secure end with another piece of cord and wrap several times, snip the ends. Secure the tassel to another piece of string and then string the beads on and voila


Krazy for Kimonos

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to sew but I’m all about quick and easy projects kind of like I need something to wear tonight, I’m gonna whip up something in less than an hour!! 😂

Kimonos are just the thing. When you think about kimonos I’m sure you visualize the beautiful traditional Japanese ones made with beautiful brocades and silks. The truth is what I like to call “fashion kimonos” is that their design elements are essentially the same.  They are several  rectangles sewn together. Beautifully simplistic really 🌸🌿💗

The word ” kimono” by definition means “a thing to wear” in Japanese. And it’s a great thing to wear!!!🌸💕

I noticed how popular they became last summer. I of course jumped on the band wagon and bought some “store bought” ones from stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, pictured below


it wasn’t until I actually looked at one inside out that I realized how easy they would be to sew! Essentially straight lines! That’s my kind of sewing 😃

The beauty is you can make them out of anything, scarves, old sari fabric( I get mine at thrift stores) even stretch knit or fleece fabrics for cooler weather and no seams to finish!!! It’s so inexpensive to buy fabric or scarves at a thrift store or reinvent something you already have!!

Here are some simple instructions I snagged off, why reinvent the wheel?


So as you can see!! It couldn’t be easier!!! Happy sewing!!! 😃