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Fun DIY Valentine’s Coffee Bar Decor

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a few months since I posted something new on the blog. I was feeling inspired to make to make some cute valentine decor for my coffee bar. I by no means thought of this idea.  There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube.  I just had to try this myself and I am super happy with the results 💗🎂💗❤️
so far I’ve made a fake cake and a cute whipped topping for my Rae Dunn cup.
Here’s what you’ll need. Almost all the supplies are from the dollar store or Walmart

The important thing to remember is to use the lightweight Spackle as it’s the most similar consistency to frosting/icing.
the other thing is that any utensils, piping bags, knives, spoons, etc. can no longer be used for food once you’ve used them for you faux cake 🎂 

I also used a combination of real candy and beads and berries to decorate my cake

so all you really do is add some acrylic paint to the Spackle to get your desired colour. I then used a flat paint scraper I got at the dollar store to “ice” the cake. While the Spackle is still wet you can pipe on trim with another colour of Spackle using your piping bag.  I then pressed on some faux berries and sprinkled on some glitter and other candies on the top. You can press these on while it’s still wet. It dries pretty quickly.
I’m not terribly talented in the piping bag decorating but I think my cake has a cute “homemade” look 😆😊❤️🎂

For the whipped topping cup topper I traced the top of my cup and cut out a piece of cardboard. I then piped on some “faux whipped cream” Spackle and then sprinkled on some candy and glitter and pressed a paper straw that I cut off on the top. It dries in no time and it looks so cute!!💗🎂❤️🥰

That’s pretty much it! You can use all kinds of containers in different shapes and sizes to make different cakes 🎂 🍰🧁 to decorate your kitchen.   I got a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas so I may actually try to make a real cake 🤔 at some point but for now these are fun!
Happy crafting ❤️🎂❤️💗

DIY fabric Pumpkins using vintage materials


I’ve been inspired lately with the beautiful & fancy pumpkins I’ve seen all over Instagram and Pinterest and my favourite shops like Winners. One day I was at my favourite thrift store and they announced on the loud speaker that all ladies tops were 50% off!  I wasn’t looking for clothing that day but my eyes were drawn to all of the pretty sequin and sparky fabric tops! My mind immediately thought pumpkins!! I was further inspired by all the lovely vintage brooches I saw near the checkout and all the sudden I had an idea!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-vintage fabric or stretch knit sequin vintage sweaters or blouses

-vintage brooches or jewelry

-enbroidery floss

-assorted faux leaves or flowers

-glue gun & glue sticks

-gold paint

-stuffing (I used a big ball of thick yarn)


The nice thing about making these pumpkins is they are all unique and different and completely upcycled! I loved how pretty the vintage jewelry complimented the pretty fabrics!

To make:

My method is pretty easy, no sewing needed! I simply made a ball with my stuffing to the desired size, cut out a large square piece of fabric from my top. Stretch  knit fabrics work best as they can be pulled and shaped easily.  Place the ball or stuffing in the centre, gather it up and tie it all together at the top either using an elastic or embroidery thread. I then just got glued and tucked in and gathers. I then wrapped the embroidery floss around to create sections of the 🎃 pumpkin.

Now comes the fun part, I pinned on the vintage brooches and pins creating stems and placed faux leaves and flowers around the top to cover any raw edges!

I love how pretty and unique they are!  I hope you like them and see inspired to make some too!

happy crafting 🥰💜🍂🍁

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Anyone who knows me well understands or tries to understand my need to change up my surroundings. This not only includes seasonal decor but I also enjoy different themes. My latest obsession is the coastal 🌊🐚 farmhouse style. Some of you might not be familiar with this style. Think driftwood, soft muted greys, soft sea glass greens and muted and chippy white and cream.  Since I change up my decor often I have to do it inexpensively. I look for pieces at the thrift stores and dollar store.

Here are a few elements of coastal style to look for

1. Driftwood or rustic wood. Look for barnwood or aged  pieces


2. Sea glass green accents. Could be pillows or accessories


3. Coastal accessories so this may include seashells, wicker and other textures that add to the space

4. Muted greys-this can be in area rugs or your furniture. Soft grey chalk painted furniture or a muted grey area rug

5. Natural florals and succulents. Any coastal destination I’ve travelled often has lovely hydrangeas as they love rainy weather and sandy soil. I love incorporating them into my decor.


Those are my tips for incorporating this casual easy style even if you live far away from the sea like I do! Thanks for reading ❤️




DIY Dollar Tree Cotton Tassel Rug

3ACD2A73-6D14-4A13-9DFE-4ECFE2E9A70BC498B2EA-D0A4-451E-9D51-2CF0957A7094So I jumped on the Dollar Tree DIY bandwagon this weekend and made this adorable cotton tassel rug with 8 cotton bath mats and a couple of cotton mop heads and a glue gun!! I am beyond happy with how it turned out! These types of rugs can be expensive, this is a really inexpensive DIY   🙌🏻

In Canada where I live, everything at Dollar Tree is $1.25 each. Even with that this rug only cost $12.50 to make plus a pack of glue sticks!

Here’s what you’ll need

-8 cotton bath rugs(more or less depending how big you want your rug to be), this rug is approximately 4X6, give or take . The rugs I found had a pattern on the front and I preferred the plain rustic cotton side so I flipped them over.

-2 cotton mop heads

I only needed 2 mop heads and I had left overs to make 22 tassels

-glue gun and glue sticks


Making this rug is a snap. Basically all you do is hot glue the smaller rugs together with hot glue. The key is gluing the seams and pushing them together rather than overlapping them. You could sew these pieces together with a sewing machine  as well with a simple zig zag stitch.

I made the tassels from the cotton mop by trimming off 5 strands, folding them over, tie a loop at the top and then wrap a few times around. The tassels don’t have  to be perfect, they add to the rustic look. I flipped over the edge and glued part of the top to the back of the rug and voila!! I made 22 tassels and used 1 1/2 mop heads

I am so happy with how this rug looks in my space!! It’s farmhouse and a bit boho which I love!❤️


Thanks for reading and happy crafting ❤️



Well spring has officially sprung in Alberta.  Well, that means that the snow is melted and the weather is pleasantly warm. However, the grass is still brown, leaves aren’t out yet and the bulbs in the partially frozen ground are barely peeping their heads out of the earth.

I’ve always wanted to try forcing spring bulbs and 3 weeks I gave it a try and I’m thrilled with the results and how easy it was to do!!

Here’s what you’ll need:


-a large glass container- any size will do but one with a wider base and a bit of height works well to support your bulbs as they grow. These containers can be found at thrift stores or even the dollar store very inexpensively

-a bunch of pebbles, gravel, rocks or even decorative marbles will work. I got a big jar at my local dollar store. Contrary to what you may think, bulbs don’t require soil to grow. How cool is that?

-spring bulbs-I used Dutch irises but anything will work, paper whites, gladiolus, amaryllis, etc. Again I just picked mine up at the dollar store.

Directions: all you have have to do is fill your glass container with your gravel or rocks about an inch or two.

Remove any loose onion like skin off your bulbs.  Gently nest your bulb a little into the rocks. They don’t have to be deep. Then pour  enough water in the container to cover a small portion of the bottom of the bulb. Do not immerse your bulbs, a little water works great. You can top up the water if you need to every few days when needed .

Next, place your container in a sunny location and watch the magic happen in a few weeks! The bulbs will root and grow! It’s so exciting to see how fast they grow in only a few weeks! I can’t wait until they bloom! It should be soon! Happy planting 🌱🌿🌷


Spring Trends 2019


I wish I could say that the weather was Spring like, but where I live in western Canada it’s still frigidly cold. However, I still like to plan for the seasons and talking about warmer weather helps me feel better about it. Also with spring 2019 being so full of colour, it’s easier to inject doses of colour into your wardrobe even in colder temperatures.

After reading various magazines and blogs about the Spring trends. I  have to say I’m quite inspired.

Being a thrifter I get excited when I see trends that can easily be found second hand.

Here are a few trends I plan on trying and a few I’ll probably skip lol!

1. Lavender

light purple , lavender, lilac, whatever you call it is a spring staple. It reminds me of Spring and pairs well with neutrals like grey and khaki and also looks lovely with yellow or pink


2. Neons

I have to admit I was a little on the fence on this one. Growing up right in the middle of the 1980’s where neon tackiness prevailed I think it can be made classy in small doses such as shoes or accessories or if you find a pretty top, skirt , pants or dress, be sure to pair it with black or white, denim  or some other neutral for a more updated use of neons.


3. Zebra

Again a trend i’m a bit on the fence about. But with other animal prints, using it in small doses can be fun, shoes, belts, a bag, a scarf? Or if you can find a nicely tailored jacket or blouse, why not try it out


4. Polkadots

I have to say I’m super happy that polkadots are still in style. You can’t help but smile when wearing them.  They are also super easy to find in the thrift store in many colours and sizes. They always inject an element of fun into any outfit!!


5. Bright orange

I personally have always been a fan of orange or it’s close cousin coral.  As you know, Living Coral is 2019’s Pantone colour of the year!! It looks so lovely paired with turquoise or aqua accessories! Again a colour that exudes happiness!!


Now for a few trends I’ll probably skip! Lol!

1. Bike Shorts

I know celebs like Kim K has rocked them with a blazer. Call me old fashioned but I believe bike shorts belong in the gym or bike riding. Those of us who don’t have the most toned or thin legs might not be able to quite pull this look off,  each to his own though. 😂

2. Feathers

Not really those most practical of material for everyday wear. I could see bits of it on formal wear but again can’t really see it being something I would wear on a regular basis.

Those are my picks for Spring 2019 and I know there are many more. I hope you found some inspiration for your Spring wardrobe 🌸

Xoxo Lynda


In love with Henkaa Convertible Dresses

3ACD2A73-6D14-4A13-9DFE-4ECFE2E9A70B.jpegI  am excited to share a recent collaboration with a proudly  Canadian company 🇨🇦called Henkaa.  They make beautiful convertible dresses. The most exciting part of Henkaa dresses is you are not only getting a “dress” but you are getting “dresses” there are so many different ways of styling these dresses.  It’s amazing how many looks you can create with one dress.  For myself if I find I have a lot of formal events to attend it can get costly to buy a new dress for every occasion.  I also loved the fact that depending on what neckline you choose you can change up your jewelry such as statement necklaces and earrings.   Also because of the fabric of the dress could be worn in all seasons by adjusting the sleeve length and straps or perhaps by adding different shoes or hosiery.



I also love what Henkaa stands for as being inclusive to all sizes and shapes.  Sometimes it can be daunting to find formal wear especially for a more curvy figure.  My daughter who is about a size 10 was able to style the dress just as nicely as I could at a size 18.  Also not having to wear shapewear such as Spanx is a bonus. The nice stretchy fabric is forgiving  allows for a comfortable fit.  The fabric can be folded and gathered to hide a multitude of flaws. henkaa4

The versatility of this dress has to be noted.  I had so much fun creating different looks with this dress and so easy to do.  Henkaa has a great series of videos on YouTube that very clearly show how to create different looks.


The dress I  am wearing above is called the Sakura in ruby red  and the pictures above are only a few ways the dress can be worn.  Check out the YouTube video Tutorials on how to style the dress.






Please be sure to check out the beautiful  dresses at Henkaa, they are so lovely and come in many styles and colours. Perfect for weddings, graduations or any special occasion. The wrinkle free fabric is also perfect for packing and travel!

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Thanks for reading! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!