Gift Giving sustainably by Thrifting

Several years I posted a blog about thrifting for Christmas. I still feel really strongly about sustainability and I also feel that there is so much waste, especially when it comes to packaging and gift wrap, many of which cannot be recycled. Going to your local thrift store is a great way to find inexpensive and beautiful items to gift or repurpose.
One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately especially in some of the nicer thrift stores as there’s a lot of new with tag items and items that are still in their original packaging. I don’t see any reason why you can’t regift these items as they’re virtually new and to wrap your store-bought gifts or possibly re-purpose those items into another thoughtful gift. This is an environmentally friendly and creative way to give gifts.

Going to your local thrift store is a great way to find inexpensive and beautiful items to gift and to wrap your store-bought gifts or possibly re-pupose those items into another thoughtful gift. Here are some suggestions that I had from past years and I’ve also added a few extras but I thought of that I think are still great ideas.

I know not everybody is that into secondhand items. I’m not suggesting that you gift used items like Aunt Ethel’s old slippers and nightgown . However, I do have some tips on what kinds of things that I look for in the thrift shop when I’m holiday shopping!

Here are my suggestions for you to consider;

  1. Baskets:1EB9DDE9-11AC-4016-8A9D-56D826A3C172                             
      You can get some beautiful and inexpensive baskets in all shapes and sizes!  They’re perfect for awkward shaped gifts, they are eco friendly and pretty too! Add a bit of ribbon and cellophane and you’re good to go. I love making food or themed baskets. When you’re only spending a few dollars on the basket that leaves more $ for what goes inside.
  2. Jars/vintage tins
    The same  concept here, fill it with your favourite cookie mix, bath items or even candy and gift cards. Pretty jars can be expensive so why not pick up some pretty vintage ones at a fraction of the cost. They can easily be sanitized in the dishwasher or hot soapy water and bleach if you’re concerned about cleanliness.
  3. Sweaters/blankets   91B88683-FC82-4EB9-87C8-2F0B61B965B5EBA5E38F-7DA1-412A-AC00-2080EC08FD4FBE26419F-E545-4025-BF62-780E2FC5E1E3                           Sweaters and blankets  are my favourite thing to craft with and give as gifts.  You can make adorable pillows, patchwork quilts, coffee cozies or even a homemade pair of mittens. One tip I have is to go into the baby section and you will find a beautiful array gently used blankets in the softest fabrics. Alternatively you can choose a nice chunky knit or opt for a luxurious cashmere or wool. If you check out the men’s section you can find some extra large sweaters which will have more fabric to work with.The colours and styles are endless and the size doesn’t matter as you’re cutting them up anyway.
  4. Vintage Jewelry:     E898E9CA-FAA7-4311-90AA-65F963D1E987.jpeg     
       You  can find amazing vintage and high quality pieces and better yet they have a history!  They might need a little polishing but what a lovely thing to gift something one of a kind for someone you love!! Damaged vintage jewellery is very inexpensive and you can buy bags of it at the thrift store for very little cost. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be if you hot glued vintage jewellery onto plain Christmas balls and gifted a whole set of balls to your friend or loved one? That would be a lovely gift and so unique and original. Lately I’ve been finding whole sets of Christmas balls still in the package. People often change the Christmas decor and so as a result I think they donate what they don’t use and like I said I found ones still have the tags on them but are virtually brand new..
  5. Vintage dishes and glassware.  
      25E979BC-F539-4037-A2CA-0594F332CE46.jpegSo you’re tasked with bringing dessert to a holiday party. Why not put it on a lovely vintage crystal plate or dish that the hostess can keep!  A lot prettier than an ugly plastic container or paper plate. Some of the vintage casserole dishes,crystal punch bowls and even glasses are stunning and you could use them to package up a thoughtful gift. I have even found handmade pottery pieces which are absolutely beautiful. It would be great to gift give a mug with a package of hot chocolate or coffee inside. I think these cups are much nicer than the ones you find at the dollar store.

6. Craft Supplies

If you are a crafter the thrift store will be an oasis to you. I always find bags and bags of unused yarn, ribbon, fabric, wreath forms and more . Before you head to the craft store and pay full price for these items, you may want to consider looking in your local thrift store to see if you can find some thing for less. I’ve made some beautiful wreaths in the past using all materials from thrift store including the greenery the wreath form and ribbon.

7. Books

Books are a great thing to find in the thrift store. I’ve found brand new books that are on the bestseller list that I’ve literally been read once and then donated. There’s nothing wrong with regifting a book or even a stack of books tied with a nice ribbon which is a thoughtful and inexpensive gift. I especially like picking up vintage cook books. They always have the nicest photography and can also be used to display in your kitchen which I also love to do. Some books look especially pretty when you remove the paper cover revealing the spine of the book. I like to use these for home decor especially coffee table books and they would also make great gifts

I hope these ideas gave you inspiration in your gift giving this season. Trust me when I say that your friends and family will truly appreciate the creativity and time you spent to give them a thoughtful and heartfelt gift 

Merry Christmas and an amazing holiday season to you and your loved ones ❤️

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