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Everything old is new again!! Fashion deju vu

Fashion is interesting. Probably aging myself a bit here but  I was born in the 70’s and was a teenager in the 80’s and a young adult in the 90’s. The early 2000’s for me was mommy sweatpant time having 2 kids in less than two years so fashion wasn’t a priority. Now what my kids are older I have a renewed interest in fashion and I’m always secretly happy when my  girls want to borrow my clothes!!😂

So I was eight years old when Grease came out in 1978! We all loved Sandy #2’s transformation. Notice her moto jacket? A 70’s movie mimicking 50’s style and here were are in 2016 and moto jackets are hotter than ever!

Then came the 80’s.

The off the shoulder trend was in full force this summer! Remember back in the early 80’s when Olivia Newton-John sported many off the shoulder looks in Xanadu

Then came the late 80’s. Remember  Molly Ringwold’s outfit in Breakfast Club? I totally would wear it now!! Look at that leather skirt, brown leather jacket , scarf and knee high boots! Don’t forget those diamond stud earrings daddy bought her!


The  90’s was the era of the choker! Alicia Silverstone & Drew Barrymore wore them all the time

I’m sure there are a million other examples! Bomber jackets were super popular in the 80’s I had a polkadot one like this


Of course  when trends come back they’re always a bit reinvented but the basic elements are similar!

Thanks for joining me on my journey down fashion memory lane! 😃


For the love of booties

So Fall is officially here and so is Fall fashion

Summer is great but I long for shoes that provide arch support and style!  Booties fit the bill!

Coming from a girl with ahem big calves…I love booties because all of the wide calf nonsense can be put to rest! 😂

Booties seem to be a lasting trend and they are comfy and inexpensive and can add pizazz to any outfit!

I thrifted some cuties lately!


I love the fact that they can be dressy and casual too!

There are some great deals out there online,makes me consider adding to my collection! 🤔

Charlotte Russe has some cute ones on sale 😍

Happy shopping !


DIY bow choker

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Cute bow choker

So being the bargain hunter I am I was looking at the fall chokers and a big 💡 popped up! I can make this!

I made my own bow choker with dollar store items!

What you need:

-leather cording or thin black shoelaces

-metallic tape


-glue gun

all you do:

1.wrap eye metallic tape around the already sealed ends(if you use a shoelace)

2. Seal  ends with a glue gun and voila

3. Tie around your neck!

You could do some nice variations with gold or silver tape or even threading a bead to secure it together! Couldn’t be easier!

Happy crafting!








Getting the blues


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If anyone has ever read my previous blog posts you know I’m obsessed with Pantone colours and this year is no exception.


This year’s colour is called Riverside and it’s a perfect gray/blue.



I’ve always admired how the contrast of the  blue sky looks amazing  against the warm orange, yellow and brown leaves. If we take this tip from nature,  blue is a perfect match with warmer tones for Fall fashion styling and home decor! 💙🍁🍂💙


I’m also noticing in the cosmetics industry it’s easier to find blue. For the record I love blending blue and brown together for eyeshadow and a touch of blue eyeliner looks great too!

You can say I’m inspired and I’m looking forward to adding pops of blue to my wardrobe this Fall!  🍂🍁💙



Shop your own closet?

So don’t get me wrong, I love shopping but as I peruse all the fall fashion trends I see some familiar elements.  If you’re a clothes hound like me I often become very overwhelmed with my own wardrobe. I’ve decided I’m going to “try” to buy  only a few things this fall. I am convinced that accessories are key and goodness knows, accessory- wise I’m doing ok!

1. Traditional plaid scarf-doesn’t everyone have this blanket scarf? I got mine for super cheap online


2. High boots in black and light brown?  I got these both at The Bay. I need wide calf but waterproof or at the very least water resistant is a must for Canadian winters

3. A choker

I’ve noticed ever YouTuber is wearing one and they are little more than a string or a ribbon, pretty easy to make?  This one is from the dollar store


i scored these beauties second hand for $30. I love scouring thrift stores for them, so easy to find


A chambray shirt or two?

I have about 5, they’re all different shades of blue, styles and all thrifted, kind of a classic really


There are a few more things like big cozy sweaters and leggings which we all have!

Enjoy shopping your own closet this fall! 😀


Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends


Hi everyone!

Sorry its been so long since I’ve blogged but I was enjoying the last of my vacation time until we are full blown into Fall in YEG!

I had the pleasure of hosting a Fall Trends style challenge with some lovely ladies on Instagram.

These are my top 5

1. Scarves

scarves have always been on the radar but in particular what I’m liking are the neck scarf trend! It’s very European and it is so easy to find pretty silk scarves second-hand

2. Military

Military has been around for a while and I find khaki and olive green blend so well with plaids and denim. Super easy to thrift and it’s super easy to find at all the popular sites like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe

3. Animal print

Its hard to call it a trend anymore really, I would call it classic. You may recall one of my earlier blog posts about my Mom’s leopard coat from the 1960’s. The best part about it is you can go bold or subtle and it looks great with other patterns!

4. Menswear

Again not a new trend from tweed to pinstripes to plaid and houndstooth and wool they all look great especially paired with feminine accessories

5. Blue( Riverside)

As many of you know I’m very into Pantone colours and this year’s colour is called Riverside. It’s a perfect Gray/Blue which I hope to incorporate into my wardrobe this Fall!

So there you have it! Those are my top 5! Be sure to check out all of these looks on Instagram