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Summer Style…Rompers

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A variety of Rompers available from Old Navy, Asos, Charlotte Russe

I have recently started loving Rompers. They aren’t really new but seem to be back in style. I recently came across a picture of me wearing a romper on my honeymoon nearly 23 years ago!!

I especially love dressy rompers like this lace one by Rebellion posted above or this wrap one by Mexx. Pair them with cute shoes and a statement necklace and you have a comfy and stylish look.

I have always been a bit self conscious about my rather “thick” legs but honestly I feel great in rompers. They come on a variety of fabrics, styles and lengths. They are loose and flowy and quite flattering especially with a pair of cute shoes! Wearing a romper is a great alternative to a short skirt. You can be comfortable and not so worried about accidentally showing off more than intended! 😂

Even a denim romper looks adorable with cute sandals and accessories. This one is from Old Navy.


Cute shoes and accessories dress up a denim romper

So if you’re looking for a cute and comfy look this summer, try on a romper!  Stay tuned to the blog as I will be posting a romper DIY soon! 😊


DIY Yoga Sandals

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I went to the dollar store for all the supplies. Flip flops, stretch knit headbands and hair ties and contact cement glue


This is seriously one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve done. Everything is from the dollar store but you could easily just use an old pair of flip flops and stretch knit fabric or an old t-shirt. These shoes are so comfy! I plan on making a lot! These coral ones match my bathing suit! You could make them fancy with different fabrics and embellishments. I was thinking of making some stretch lace ones! The possibilities are endless! 😃

All you do is cut off the plastic straps and you’re left with a flip flop with holes

  1. cut the strips of stretch knit fabric or tshirt abs stretch around your foot and knot where it’s comfortable  around your foot.
  2. push the strip for between the toes and tie a knot or wrap around the front with more fabric. Knot and pull through tucking the knot into the holes. I used a crochet hook but a pencil would work well.
  3. cut another strip for across your foot. And tuck into the holes on each side and knot and tuck into the holes. You could add a bit of rubber cement or hot glue for extra strength.

This blog has mote detailed instructions if you need them

Happy crafting!!!

Outrageously Comfy (and ridiculously simple) DIY Sling Sandals



DIY Off the Shoulder Blouse

I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been looking forward to this blog post!! I have  jumped on the off the shoulder bandwagon the lyndeestyles way.😂 In other words, I’m just not willing to shell out $30 for a shirt that I can make for under $10!! And trust me, you don’t have to be a master seamstress to do it

Sorry I was too lazy to take pics as I made it but I will link full instructions from another blog. I honesty could’ve have explained it better or taken better pictures than she did!! The only thing is I think it’s a little short to be a dress but that’s just me. I think it’s a nice length to wear with shorts, capris or a skirt.

have to say I’m super thrilled with the results


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imageHere’s what you’ll need

  1. A size XL dress shirt. I bought mine second hand and I found some super nice quality ones for under $5.  I was tempted to swipe one of hubby’s but I’ll wait til he throws one in the donation pile.
  2. elastic 3/4 inch is good. I got mine at the dollar store
  3. sewing machine
  4. scissors
  5. ruler

As mentioned I will link the instructions below. The tips I would suggest. Measure carefully, my first attempt I cut it too far down. Next tip is to pin. It is a little tricky around the arms

It’s really a matter of cutting off the collar of the shirt in a straight line and sewing a casing around the edge and feeding the elastic through.

I plan on making more of these! I can’t wait! My next one is a pink pinstriped one!



Have fun and check out this link below for full instructions 😃



It’s ok to go grey!

Processed with MOLDIVSo I decided a few months ago that I was going to let myself go grey. After years of battling the mousy brown and trying to go blonder I found the fight with roots was a losing battle. I also had to contend with the brassy yellow blonde colour which I thought was rather unattractive.

So I started experimenting with the “blue” shampoos and products to tone down the brassy blonde. I decided the grey blonde look was what I liked.

It’s funny how popular “going grey” is even for teens and 20 somethings. I’m ok with joining the ranks, my hair has never been in better condition since I stopped colouring.

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Favourite grey products!!

Along the way I’ve come across some great products available at beauty supply stores like Sally Beauty or Chatters. My shampoo I use is available at Walmart!

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Loving the grey

There are lots of  “blue” shampoos out there but the Jhirmack Distinctions Silver plus shampoo and conditioner are my favourite. My hair feels soft and healthy.

The other products I use are available at Sally Beauty.  Roux /Fanciful makes a temporary rinse you can work into your hair after washing. They also have a mousse formula that I haven’t tried yet.  I use #42 Silver Lining but there are lots of shades to choose from depending on your own natural colour.

The last product I use is Shiny Silver Ultra hairspray.  It reduces brassiness which is the ultimate goal. I like the formula, not too stiff.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube suggesting you have to completely bleach out your hair to get a true grey.  I’m not sure I would go that far but each to his own,  I guess I’m fortunate that I can take advantage of old blonde highlights that I can tone down and my new roots that are growing in are grey!! I had a younger friend comment that she doesn’t get why I’d be happy about that! Lol! She’ll get it some day! ☺️

I’m quite happy with my new roots!! I think you should embrace yours too!

check out this article, it reinforces it all for me




Top 10 products for a “sunkissed glow” 🌞


I have to admit that I have been a bit of a sun worshipper in the past which I know isn’t the healthiest choice. These days I turn more and more to these products for a faux but natural looking looking products for a natural sunkissed glow or enhance one. Here are my top 10🌞


Benefit High Beam highlighter

This  liquid may look like nailpolish but this shimmery liquid highlights cheekbones and would look especially pretty on sunkissed skin


Hard Candy Glow all the way

This  bronzer is perfect for cheeks, neckline and legs and comes in a variety of shades to suit your skin tone.


Urban Decay naked 3 palette

This palette is an oldie but a goodie! Love the rosy shimmery tones with a tan, think J Lo!!


Victoria Secret Rockin’Body Leg Shine

This product is supposedly used by the VS Angels. I think it works well in a pinch if you need a quick tanned glow in your legs. It’s sparkly too! Be sure to blend well


Sally Hansen airbrush legs

i really like this product. It’s a bit messy but it achieves a nice matte tan on your legs, no shimmer which is nice and comes in a variety of shades.



NYC bronzer in “Sunny”

this is a cult favourite on YouTube and Pinterest but for under $5 you get great pigment and a nice tan colour in this gem!


Rimmel in “airy fairy”

I for one love this shimmery nude all year long but especially with a tan!


Essence in “Barely There”

I love this lipstick because it’s the colour of your lips but better! So natural and pretty with a tan!


Jergen’s natural glow

I love this product. Yes there are more expensive self tanners but this one is my go to. Just be sure to shave and exfoliate before use and wash your hands. Blend well and use a light hand building your colour gradually!


Wild n’ Wet Comfort Zone

I love this palette.  It’s very pigmented  and the  frosty glow and pretty earthy tones look amazing with a tan, especially the green! Trust me!!

So there you have it my go to faves to create and enhance a lovely sunkissed glow minus the sun damage. All products  are available at your local drugstore and most are reasonably priced!! 🌞🌞🌞






6 Spring Must-haves

image.jpgHey everyone! Happy Spring! I’ve whittled down my Spring must-haves to six things that I think are perfect for any Spring wardrobe

  1. Ripped jeans

kind of a no-brainer but I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the huge holes look. I prefer the more subtle thread bare patches. I’ve even made my own. Lots of DIY videos on YouTube on how to make your own! Thrifted jeans are perfect for making ripped jeans as they are super soft and worn and easy to rip!

2. The off shoulder anything

It’s  the hottest trend now and looks so pretty and feminine.  Anything to crop tops to tunics to dresses, so ultra feminine. Stay tuned for my upcoming DIY blog post to sew your own! It’s super easy! Great for a beginner sewing project!

3. Lace up shoes

They are all the rage and they come in all price points. I opted for the less expensive ones in the event that they are a passing trend and they are super cute and comfy! They look cute with anything from dresses and jeans! For the record, I hope the trend lasts!

4. Kimonos

You know I have a love affair with kimonos 😂 Check out my tutorial on how to make your own. They look great with jeans or over dresses and can add a pop of colour to any outfit!

5. A high waisted bikini

I think this style is universally flattering for all body types. I like the extra coverage if you actually want to swim or not feel so bare when moving around. I love the nostalgic look!!

6. Anything lacy

I think the lace look is so pretty. It can be a cami peaking out of a hem or neckline. So pretty and feminine. I ordered a lacy kimono, what a surprise!!😂

So there you have it! My top 6 picks for Spring!! 🌸🌿🌸