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Up-cycled sequin skirt made from a t-shirt

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

If you’re anything like me I get inspired at the last minute. I had this ill-fitting sequin top I thrifted for $5.00. I wore it once and the sleeves were so uncomfortable I tossed it in the clothing recycle bin until I had a brainstorm!!!💡

I’ve been coveting a sequin skirt for weeks but quite frankly, I’m too cheap to buy one!!😂

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. A sequin t-shirt. Longer is better unless you’re into the micro mini look(I’m not) look for a lined one if possible as sequins can be scratchy
  2. scissors
  3. a sewing machine or needle andthread.


Honestly I wasn’t super particular about how I cut it. I knew I’d be wearing a long blouse or sweater over it so it’s not perfect and hey it cost $5!!!😂 The beauty of this whole thing is that the neckline of the shirt serves as the waistband. Try it on first over your waist first to be sure how long it will be.

I used an old knit skirt of mine as a pattern and just sewed the right sides together and finished with an overlock stich and voila there you go! 😍😍😍😍



So easy and now you’ll sparkle all night!  I’ll post pics of how I styled it soon!!

You’re welcome!!😋

Happy New Year !!🎉✨👑!🎉✨See you next year!!💋

Homemade Pretzel Turtles

Yes they taste as good as they look and can be made gluten-free!!!

Here’s what you’ll need :

  1. Small pretzels(gluten free or regular)
  2. small wrapped soft caramels
  3. milk chocolate melting wafers
  4. pecan halves
  5. cookie sheet, foil and cooking spray

Here’s what you do!

  1. Spray a foil covered cookie sheet with cooking spray and spread pretzels out placing a caramel on each
  2. place in a 250 degree oven to melt caramels slightly after 5 minutes
  3. pull them out of the oven and gently press  a pecan half on the melted  caramel
  4. let cool
  5. melt chocolate wafers in the microwave for a minute and stir until smooth
  6. make a pool of chocolate on a foil-covered surface  and place the pretzel caramel pecan in the centre of the chocolate pool
  7. place in the fridge or outside to set
  8. yum!!!!


Cozy for the holidays

I love the holidays and in particular love to look for cozy layering pieces that can create some super cute outfits without breaking the bank. I prefer dressing this way instead of wearing skirts or dresses. It keeps you cozy and comfy and you still look stylish!

My tips when thrifting layering pieces

1. Look for natural materials like wool or cotton blends! I was very pleased to find the camel coloured cape from Holt Renfrew for only $10! Looks great over denim or flannel or even a simple t-shirt
The wool grey coat pictured is made in Italy and wonderful quality.

2. Scarves are your best friend!! I even like to look in the men’s section especially for plaid!! I also look in the men’s section for flannel shirts, denim shirts and comfy sweaters.

3. Mix and match unexpected combinations! No need to be matchy matchy. Mix strong plaids and tweeds with  animal print or houndstooth or even stripes!
Big bulky knits look great too!

4. A couple of pairs of leggings go a long way! In fact I think I might be wearing the same khaki leggings in almost all the pictures!!

5. Boots!!! I love them tall or short in basic colours like black brown and grey are all you need! Steal your hubby’s wool socks! Cut off the sleeves of an old sweater and make your own boot socks!!

Stay warm everyone and happy holidays!!🎄❤️❄️







Wild about animal print


My memories of animal print in clothing go way back to the 70’s!! My mom had this great leopard print raincoat she wore often! She often joked about being roared at by passersby whenever she wore it! Lol! Not sure if anyone these days could get away with such behaviour! Lol! 🐅

Since I’ve become more interested in fashion I find that I seem to have more and more animal print from scarves to skirts to shoes

this is similar to my Mom’s coat



I seem to have accumulated a lot of leopard print items!!!😂

I’ve particularly enjoyed the new trend of mixing animal prints with wardrobe classics like denim, plaid, houndstooth tweed and stripes. They compliment each other so much!

Here a few of my favourite combinations!! The rules aren’t really strict, just look for some similar colours and go for it!


I’ve done the mixing animal print thing a few times and now I’m hooked!

If you’re shy about mixing your animal prints just start small, a small purse or shoes can make a subtle pattern mixing statement! 😀


Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start for inspiration!!

The most important rule is have fun and let them hear you roar!!!🐯

Chalkboard Art

So it’s all the rage!! I was inspired by all the cute signs I’ve seen at Winners and Pinterest and thought I’d try it!

I happened to have an old frame I wasn’t using that I got at Michaels, a can of chalkboard paint I bought years ago. All I had to buy was a chalk paint pen that cost all of $3.00!   It was so easy!!

Here are some tips:

  1. Spray chalkboard paint in a well ventilated area, preferably outside with newspaper underneath to catch overspray
  2. spray in thin even layers and allow to dry between layers.
  3. You can tape the edges of the frame to avoid getting it on the wood but I’m far too lazy for that so I just had a damp paper towel on hand to wipe off the excess. Let it completely dry before you use your chalk pen.
  4. You can Google your saying and you’ll find tons of examples. I Googled “baby it’s cold outside” chalk art and found tons!! Pinterest has lots of great ideas and YouTube has some videos.
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect, the imperfections are what make it unique. Handwriting and lettering is a lost art and I think it’s really beautiful. I practiced a few times on plain paper with a sharpie before I wrote on my chalkboard. You could also transfer your design or use a light coloured pencil first to trace. I’m a lazy crafter though and I just went for it! I almost think of chalkboard art as a lost art form in a way so be creative and have fun!! image.jpeg 😄




Holiday Dressing Mix and Match…

8 simple pieces you already have in your wardrobe



  • Do you often find yourself having so many events to attend and don’t want to show up in the same outfit over and over? The key is to mix and match pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe. Here’s what you’ll need :
  1. A simple black dress. I chose a really cute vintage inspired polkadot velvet dress I picked up last year at a thrift store. A fit and flare style works best
  2. A plain white button up blouse. Everyone has this. It can be cotton, satin, whatever you like
  3. a black skirt. The one I am showing is pleated but a plain black pencil skirt works too.
  4. a wide black belt. I’ve had this one for years, it adds definition to my waist
  5. a silk scarf, preferably plaid or a print. It doesn’t have to be red necessarily but any holiday colour or print will work
  6. a thicker infinity scarf. Again can be any colour but I chose a red one for the holiday season
  7. a chunky pearl necklace. Mine are thrifted and I love how festive they look
  8. a pair of plain black pumps. Mine are patent leather but any black shoes or even booties or boots will do

and that’s it!!!  Here are a number of ways you can create so many looks!! Just put on your red lips, winged eyeliner and lashes and have fun!!


Thrifting 101

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Some of my best thrifted scarves!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge thrifter!!

if I didn’t thrift then there is no way I’d have so many clothes! It’s  also a great way to stand out! Not gonna lie…it is more effort to find pieces that work for you but ultimately it’s worth the hunt if you’re patient!

Here are my tips for the new thrifter!!

  1. On your first outing, don’t go on a sale day. Strange advice? Perhaps but it’s your first foray into the thrifting world you might be disappointed if you go when it’s busy or when items are picked over.
  2. Make a list…in your head, a piece of paper or your phone. Think about what you need. Maybe it’s a pair  of dark wash jeans, a simple navy cardigan or a pair of low heel brown boots? Keeping in mind what you need in your wardrobe will help you stay focused.  Although sometimes it’s ok to be   hopelessly drawn to that  funky purple sweater, it  may have a place in your wardrobe too.
  3. Know your brand names. Not that it’s all about brand names but often well known brand names can be higher quality. When you are buying “once loved” items, quality makes a huge difference on how they’ll hold up in the wash.
  4. Know when the sales are! Once you’re a more experienced thrifter you’ll know the ropes. If you have a membership at the thrift store, some will offer you advance sales before the general public! This is a great way to take a good look before everything is picked over.
  5. Donate and recycle your wardrobe! Some stores offer coupons or discounts when you donate! Getting rid of a few bags of clothing that you no longer wear will give you the freedom to pick out a few new pieces guilt free!!! It’s also great for the environment.
  6. Have fun! Adding that one unique vintage piece will add to your wardrobe!  It could be a cute brooch or pair of shoes or that funky purple sweater! If it goes with a couple things in your wardrobe! Go for it!  Being original is the best fashion statement you can make!!!

In the beginning…

I’m totally aging myself but my first recollection of caring about fashion was at about age 14 or 15. I’d pour over magazines like teen and seventeen magazine (pre-Internet) for inspiration. The styles in those magazines certainly didn’t reflect what people wore back then or even what was available in my city.  I remember reading an article about primary colours from this issue and showed up at school in blue tights and a red skirt. Let’s just say it was a few years before I became that adventurous again! 😂image

  • HI everyone!! My name is Lynda (Lyndee) I am a 45 year old wife and mom from Canada who loves anything creative!! Fashion, home decor, cooking, sewing, you name it! I love sharing my ideas with everyone and thanks for checking out my blog!😃