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Pantone Colours of the Year!

OK have to tell you I am super excited about the Pantone colours of the year!! The colours are Serenity which is this gorgeous periwinkle blue and Rose Quartz which is a lovely pale pink.

If you aren’t familiar with Pantone it’s a New Jersey based company that works with colours!  They choose colours of the year with other industry professionals in fashion, home decor and they set the standard for what will be popular in the coming year!

The reason I love these colours is complex!! Firstly so many lovely things in nature pair these colours together from sunrises to hydrangeas! Personally I love Serenity. It was the colour of my grade 12  high school graduation dress and it was the colour I painted my oldest daughter’s nursery walls! Not quite blue, not quite purple but so lovely!

Rose Quartz reminds me of my favourite mini series when I was a kid. Who remembers Meggie’s ashes of roses dress in The Thorn Birds? Maybe not quite Rose Quartz but when I first saw it, it was the first thing I thought of. It’s soft, feminine and pretty!!

So there you have it, these colours have a lot of personal meaning for me!


You can only imagine how excited I was when I walked into my local thrift store recently and what did I find? A coat in serenity and a scarf with serenity and rose quartz! Officially in love! ❄️💕🌸💜




Out with the old…in with the new!


Closet organizing

Happy New year! I’m definitely due for a blog post!! I thought with the new year I should clean up my closet and make a fresh start!!

I certainly don’t have one of those fancy closets like you see on Pinterest but it serves it’s purpose and I try to regularly declutter, donate and reinvent my wardrobe!!

How can I do this without breaking the bank? Two words Second Hand!! Thrifting is my passion! It allows me to have lots of choices!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I only buy new on rare occasions unless something is super discounted! I’m thrifty!!

I do have some tips that work for me that I thought I’d share

  1. Presentation: organizing your clothes so you can see what you have makes a huge difference. Think about your favourite store. Things are organized in a way that makes you want to shop there!  I use inexpensive ikea shelves and wire baskets to organize. If it’s on display it’s sooo much easier!! Why not shop your own closet?

I like to see everything that way I am way more likely to wear it!

2. Colour code-yes it’s true it works. By organizing by colour it helps you pick out outfits more easily and it also identifies what colours you need and also what you have WAY too much of!! (Aka black and gray) 😂


3. Don’t forget your accessories! Stacking and organizing like your favourite store helps you choose what you want to wear to accent your outfits!




I also like to visually display my jewelry so I can easily see what I want to wear

4. Regularly go through your closet and organize it by item and season. I store my summer clothing in plastic tubs as I don’t have space!

Hope this motivates you to organize your closet!!😀