Thrifting for the Holidays

Thrifting for the holiday….wait what?? 

Over the years I often get asked a great way to give creative gifts on a budget and I answer in one word… “thrifting”

Now I am not suggesting you run down to your local thrift store and buy Aunt Ethel’s old slippers and nightgown as a 🎁 😂but I do have some tips on what kinds of things I look for in the thrift shop when I’m holiday shopping!

Here we go:

  1. Baskets:1EB9DDE9-11AC-4016-8A9D-56D826A3C172                                   You can get some beautiful and inexpensive baskets in all shapes and sizes!  They’re perfect for awkward shaped gifts, they are eco friendly and pretty too! Add a bit of ribbon and cellophane and you’re good to go. I love making food or themed baskets. When you’re only spending a few dollars on the basket that leaves more $ for what goes inside
  2. Jars:

    The same  concept here, fill it with your favourite cookie mix, bath items or even candy and gift cards. Pretty jars can be expensive so why not pick up some pretty vintage ones at a fraction of the cost.

  3. Sweaters :     30A2C006-ED72-4D25-9B5B-9C0D3F0D350E91B88683-FC82-4EB9-87C8-2F0B61B965B5EBA5E38F-7DA1-412A-AC00-2080EC08FD4FBE26419F-E545-4025-BF62-780E2FC5E1E3                          Sweaters  are my favourite thing to craft with and give as gifts.  You can make adorable pillows, patchwork quilts, coffee cozy or even a homemade pair of mittens. Pick a nice chunky knit or opt for a luxurious cashmere or wool. The colours and styles are endless and the size doesn’t matter as you’re cutting them up anyway.
  4. Vintage Jewelry:     E898E9CA-FAA7-4311-90AA-65F963D1E987.jpeg            You  can find amazing vintage and high quality pieces and better yet they have a history!  They might need a little polishing but what a lovely thing to gift something one of a kind for someone you love!!
  5. Vintage dishes and glassware.     25E979BC-F539-4037-A2CA-0594F332CE46.jpegSo you’re tasked with bringing dessert to a holiday party. Why not put it on a lovely vintage crystal plate or dish that the hostess can keep!  A lot prettier than an ugly Tupperware container or paper plate.

I hope these ideas gave you inspiration in your gift giving this season. Trust me when I say that your friends and family will truly appreciate the creativity and time you spent to give them a thoughtful and heartfelt gift 

Merry Christmas and an amazing holiday season to you and your loved ones ❤️

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