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Favourite Natural Makeup

img_6824I often get asked what makeup I’m wearing. My answer is usually less is more. Here are my current favorites

1. Anything Elf


I honestly hadn’t tried many Elf products as for a long time they weren’t readily available in Canada. I’m so happy they are easy to find now!

My daughter got me a bunch of products for Christmas and I love them 💗 Here are my favorites

2. Garnier products

I have a few favorites. I noticed that they aren’t displayed with most of the regular makeup brands. I guess they’re special! 😂 They are still reasonably priced. My favorites are

They give such a nice natural glow and I feel great!

img_67573. Nude lipsticks

There is nothing better than a good moisturizing lipstick. My faves happen to be drugstore brands

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

I believe makeup should always enhance not hide your natural beauty! Just be you 💗

My top 5 trends for Spring

Hello everyone!

I know it’s not quite spring especially where I live in Northern Alberta, Canada. A girl can dream though 😂☺️

I tend to think well ahead of the seasons mainly because I like to thrift and because this time of year is where retailers offer deep discounts I try to see if I can find some great deals which work well for Spring! 💗

Here are my top 5 that I have on my radar!

1. Khaki



it’s a classic neutral. Being a child of the 80’s I lived through the “out of Africa” trend but 30 years later it’s still going strong. Khaki looks great with everything from navy and black, red, olive and my personal favorite coral pink

2. Yellow

I have to admit, yellow hasn’t always been my favorite but I now see how great it pairs with neutrals and blue of course.


3. Greenery

it’s the Pantone color of the year and it’s a perfect apple green!  It looks great with neutrals and is so refreshing!


4. Nautical Stripes


What would Spring be without the nautical stripe.  Looks great with everything from brights to neutrals

5. The shirt dress

a classic in any colour


So there you have it! I for one hopes that spring will be here soon ❤️