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How to style a beautiful table on a budget

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Hello everyone. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted a home or fashion post on my blog. Given the tough times we’ve all been facing this year, I find I’m in the holiday spirit much earlier. It also helps that I live in a winter wonderland in western Canada. We have already experienced cold, snowy days and dark nights. I think now more than ever creating a pleasant cozy home is even more important to me. I live and work here all day, why not pretty it up!✨❄️✨❄️

here’s a short video of what I’ve created!

My project today is to style a pretty table on a budget, here is what you’ll need:

  1. Any cotton runner or tablecloth or linen and napkins of your choice.
    I purposely chose neutral coloured ones with a white and grey deer pattern that I picked up at my local drugstore. Choosing neutral colours which are not too Christmasy allows me to use them all winter long. If I want to, I could always add pops of red berries and greenery for Christmas dinner and after Christmas add some additional sparkle with twinkle lights.
  2. Any type of plain white dishes.
    I’m using my white dishware from Walmart that are my everyday dishes. If you have Christmas dishes great but they aren’t necessary.

3. Plate chargers.

I got my plastic ones at the thrift store but I’ve seen them sold everywhere like the dollar store or other discount stores. They just add a nice layered look if you were using dishes that are plain like mine. If you don’t have chargers, placemats work too.

4. Natural greenery from your yard or the local grocery store.

I picked up some of the greenery from my grocery store and the pinecones I’ve had for years. You can also buy them that craft stores or the dollar store. When you add the natural greenery to a vase, the Christmas tree scent is wonderful. Just remember to keep adding water so they stay fresh just like you would a real Christmas tree.

5. Vintage pieces

I was lucky enough to pick up this deer vase at a thrift store very inexpensively. I think it’s adorable and I use it all year long. It really adds a nostalgic touch. You could choose also use vintage coloured glass vase or even a mason jar decorated with a ribbon.

6. Assorted ribbon and bells or ornaments.

All of these ornaments and bells were purchased either at the dollar store or a thrift store. I like mixing natural elements with more glitzy metallic tones as it gives a nice festive warm feeling. Twinkle lights could also be added for extra glow.

My napkin rings are simply wired ribbon that I got at the dollar store tied with some twine and a little bell laced through. You could also add some faux or real greenery or even pinecones.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gave you some winter and holiday inspiration ❤️
Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will be sharing my best friend’s festive Christmas table that I have styled using thrifted and dollar store items ❄️✨❤️🌲 stay tuned!!☺️