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Self esteem and the curvy woman

imageI’ve been feeling a bit down lately and I thought this would be a timely post to share with others who perhaps struggle as I do.

And guess what it’s about? You guessed it…my weight! And you know what did me in? That damn time hop feed thing on Facebook that reminds me what I was doing exactly 2 years ago!

So up pops a picture of a much thinner me.  I look at the picture and I forgot how slim I was. Ironically on my birthday with a bunch of cupcakes in front of me!!😂


What that picture doesn’t show is the struggle I had to stay like that. I lost weight in a healthy way but omg I was so hungry!! I can’t honestly say I was happier per say. I suppose I felt better and had more energy but being preoccupied by hunger is no fun. I’m not even sure if I had one of those cupcakes, I must have but I bet it was only one!

And you know what the best part is that I commented on how this was in my slimmer days and the most wonderful outpouring of love and kindness came from my friends  saying that being thinner was the last thing I should be seeing in the picture! Honestly  I had to give my head a shake, they were right!!! I love you girls! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You know who you are!!!

But still, behind my Instagram smile where I happily use hashtags such as #curvystyle #curvyfashion, etc I still feel self doubt on how I look everyday. Why am I writing this? Maybe for selfish reasons but mostly just to clear the cobwebs out of my own head 😂

I find it kind of interesting how someone such as myself who has almost 4000 followers on Instagram and pretty much posts a face selfie and body selfie almost everyday could  convince anyone that I actually do suffer from self esteem issues. I’m sure in fact some people who don’t know me probably think just the opposite, that I’m full of myself! Sort of like Megan Trainor’s song about wanting to be like her! lol!

What got me this weekend was some pics of me just out and about and I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t realize that’s how I looked. I guess I realized that the way we perceive ourselves can be very different depending on the circumstances.  When I look at my IG pictures I usually don’t worry if I look heavy. Maybe it’s the camera angle, the clothes? Who knows!!  When I see a candid pic of me, I freak out!

So here is the picture I love to hate of me from this weekend!image

The thing I need to remember about this picture is that I was having so much fun and learned something new and I didn’t fall off and who cares how I looked, I was on a Segway!!

In the end I guess it doesn’t really matter. I do want to be healthier and I know I could definitely work on that. I’ll keep you posted on that!

So the point of this blog post? I just thought I would share my thoughts. I know others love me for who I am not what I look like so I’ll cut myself some slack and keep #honoringmycurves while trying to achieve better health!  I have lots of selfies I’ve got to take!!! 😂


DIY Boho Bed Canopy

So my daughter was inspired by some of the pictures she’s seen on Pinterest and Tumblr.  She asked me to help her make this fabulous boho chic canopy for her bed! Best part is all items were from the dollar store or Walmart. This cost less than $20!!!

Here’s what you’ll need:


a hulahoop or ring

4 white sheer panels


command adhesive hooks

fairy lights or paper lanterns

What to do

1.cut the hoop and thread the panels around and tape.

2. Make a criss/cross with your string.

3. Knot the string at 4 points along the hoop

4. Hang the canopy with adhesive hooks on the ceiling

5. Hang fairy lights or a battery operated paper lantern

Love how this turned out!!! So pretty and inexpensive too!!