Monthly Archives: April 2019


Well spring has officially sprung in Alberta.  Well, that means that the snow is melted and the weather is pleasantly warm. However, the grass is still brown, leaves aren’t out yet and the bulbs in the partially frozen ground are barely peeping their heads out of the earth.

I’ve always wanted to try forcing spring bulbs and 3 weeks I gave it a try and I’m thrilled with the results and how easy it was to do!!

Here’s what you’ll need:


-a large glass container- any size will do but one with a wider base and a bit of height works well to support your bulbs as they grow. These containers can be found at thrift stores or even the dollar store very inexpensively

-a bunch of pebbles, gravel, rocks or even decorative marbles will work. I got a big jar at my local dollar store. Contrary to what you may think, bulbs don’t require soil to grow. How cool is that?

-spring bulbs-I used Dutch irises but anything will work, paper whites, gladiolus, amaryllis, etc. Again I just picked mine up at the dollar store.

Directions: all you have have to do is fill your glass container with your gravel or rocks about an inch or two.

Remove any loose onion like skin off your bulbs.  Gently nest your bulb a little into the rocks. They don’t have to be deep. Then pour  enough water in the container to cover a small portion of the bottom of the bulb. Do not immerse your bulbs, a little water works great. You can top up the water if you need to every few days when needed .

Next, place your container in a sunny location and watch the magic happen in a few weeks! The bulbs will root and grow! It’s so exciting to see how fast they grow in only a few weeks! I can’t wait until they bloom! It should be soon! Happy planting 🌱🌿🌷