Favourite Natural Makeup

img_6824I often get asked what makeup I’m wearing. My answer is usually less is more. Here are my current favorites

1. Anything Elf


I honestly hadn’t tried many Elf products as for a long time they weren’t readily available in Canada. I’m so happy they are easy to find now!

My daughter got me a bunch of products for Christmas and I love them 💗 Here are my favorites

2. Garnier products

I have a few favorites. I noticed that they aren’t displayed with most of the regular makeup brands. I guess they’re special! 😂 They are still reasonably priced. My favorites are

They give such a nice natural glow and I feel great!

img_67573. Nude lipsticks

There is nothing better than a good moisturizing lipstick. My faves happen to be drugstore brands

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

I believe makeup should always enhance not hide your natural beauty! Just be you 💗

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