7 Charming Sisters


Wow I’m on a roll, two blog posts in a month! I just have to share an amazing jewelry company called 7 Charming Sisters!

I’m a huge fan of costume jewelry and statement pieces. I own a lot of jewelry and the quality varies.

I was fortunate enough to choose two pieces and I couldn’t be happier!

I chose the this gorgeous necklace

It’s called the Front Row and I love it!! It is so well made with a sturdy clasp and a lovely combination of black white and gold

The next piece I chose was called the Beaded Beach House necklace and it’s gorgeous!! It’s multilayered and has such pretty colors

I buy a fair amount of costume jewelry and have to say I’m impressed! The packaging and shipping time was great! The prices are amazing! I appeciate how sturdy the clasps are. This jewelry is well made!

I love the unique concept of the quiz to determine which sister style! I loved the styles from each sister! 💗

So many cute styles! Be sure to check out them out

use this coupon code for 30% off



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