DIY Yoga Sandals

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I went to the dollar store for all the supplies. Flip flops, stretch knit headbands and hair ties and contact cement glue


This is seriously one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve done. Everything is from the dollar store but you could easily just use an old pair of flip flops and stretch knit fabric or an old t-shirt. These shoes are so comfy! I plan on making a lot! These coral ones match my bathing suit! You could make them fancy with different fabrics and embellishments. I was thinking of making some stretch lace ones! The possibilities are endless! 😃

All you do is cut off the plastic straps and you’re left with a flip flop with holes

  1. cut the strips of stretch knit fabric or tshirt abs stretch around your foot and knot where it’s comfortable  around your foot.
  2. push the strip for between the toes and tie a knot or wrap around the front with more fabric. Knot and pull through tucking the knot into the holes. I used a crochet hook but a pencil would work well.
  3. cut another strip for across your foot. And tuck into the holes on each side and knot and tuck into the holes. You could add a bit of rubber cement or hot glue for extra strength.

This blog has mote detailed instructions if you need them

Happy crafting!!!

Outrageously Comfy (and ridiculously simple) DIY Sling Sandals



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