Krazy for Kimonos

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to sew but I’m all about quick and easy projects kind of like I need something to wear tonight, I’m gonna whip up something in less than an hour!! 😂

Kimonos are just the thing. When you think about kimonos I’m sure you visualize the beautiful traditional Japanese ones made with beautiful brocades and silks. The truth is what I like to call “fashion kimonos” is that their design elements are essentially the same.  They are several  rectangles sewn together. Beautifully simplistic really 🌸🌿💗

The word ” kimono” by definition means “a thing to wear” in Japanese. And it’s a great thing to wear!!!🌸💕

I noticed how popular they became last summer. I of course jumped on the band wagon and bought some “store bought” ones from stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, pictured below


it wasn’t until I actually looked at one inside out that I realized how easy they would be to sew! Essentially straight lines! That’s my kind of sewing 😃

The beauty is you can make them out of anything, scarves, old sari fabric( I get mine at thrift stores) even stretch knit or fleece fabrics for cooler weather and no seams to finish!!! It’s so inexpensive to buy fabric or scarves at a thrift store or reinvent something you already have!!

Here are some simple instructions I snagged off, why reinvent the wheel?


So as you can see!! It couldn’t be easier!!! Happy sewing!!! 😃


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