Let’s Talk about Love


So I had the idea for this blog post a couple of days ago. It’s not quite what you think it might be. I’m not talking about romantic love necessarily. I’ve had a year on my own to reflect on my own life.  This may be a cliche but I’ve come to the realization that I’m responsible for my own happiness.  Even when I was happily married Valentine’s Day was never just about roses and chocolates. My life  has always been about embracing those people and things that I love. I’ve become more and more convinced that true happiness comes from falling in love with your own life. I know this is easier said than done. There are plenty of barriers to happiness.  Money, stress, depression, anxiety, fear of the future, and outright exhaustion can get in the way of a happy life.   Believe me when I say that I worry and deal with all of these things on a daily basis.  I am happy to say though,  it’s getting easier for me to pull myself out of my rut by focussing on what I love. I try to spend quality time with my friends and family. I try not to feel guilty when I rest or overeat or have a lazy day. I find joy in small things like cooking a great meal or decorating my place for the holidays. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it!!  This past Christmas was my first on my own. I’m not going to say it was perfect but it certainly helped me see what really mattered to me and getting lots of “stuff” wasn’t one of the them. Simple pleasures like making homemade gifts, baking, lighting a yummy scented candle and watching my favourite movie even if it was by myself. I’m  not going to say I don’t have dark days because I certainly do, I just try to distract myself so I can get motivated to do the things I love

So do me a favour, this Valentines Day, don’t hate it for being alone or don’t hate it when your partner forgets to get you a card or flowers. Try to think about  what you love about your life, even if it’s one small thing!   💗💓💕

I never thought I’d enjoy time by myself but I now find that I love my solitude.  I’m slowly learning to fall in love with my life. Just remember that there is always something to be grateful for, you just have to look for it sometimes 💗❤️




XOXO, Lynda

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