My Review of Monat hair products



modat3.JPGHi Everyone

I have been meaning to blog about this in quite a long time after a fellow Instagrammer, Pam (pamalovely)  was kind enough to send me some products for me to try.

I have to say, I have never thought I had nice hair.  It tends to be thin and fine and barely holds a curl.  Many of you know that over the last several years I have let my hair go completely grey.  I feel my hair is healthier as a whole but feels coarse sometimes.

I was pleasantly surprised by these products.  I used the Renew Shampoo and Revitalize conditioner.   I love the fresh citrus scent.  I have very hard water in my area so I was grateful for Pamela letting me know that I only needed a small amount added to very wet hair.  It did lather quite well despite using a very small dime sized amount.

When I started using these products, I hadn’t had my hair cut in a long time so I felt my hair was dry and flyaway.  I noticed right away after using it that my hair was nicely smooth.
I haven’t worn my hair straight in ages and I was pleasantly surprised one day after using the blow-out cream my hair felt very smooth and shiny


Sometimes I find that grey hair can look dull and I noticed that my natural highlights seemed to be brought out using these products.  I also strangely felt like I had more hair.  Like I said, I have had thin, fine hair my whole life so this was a new and exciting feeling for me.

My favorite product by far is the blow-out cream.  I worked it into my slightly damp shampooed hair and the pleasant citrus scent is amazing.  I find it gives my hair so much body and shine.  I feel like it is protecting my hair from the heat damage so I don’t feel as guilty blow-drying everyday.    I also used the hairspray as well and again the lovely scent and the soft hold was great.

I found I was wearing my hair back so much because I didn’t like what it looked like straight so here is a before picture of my hair for your reference



I feel my hair looks thinner in the above picture in comparison.   The great thing also is my hair also seems to hold a curl much better too which I love.  The blow-out cream is perfect for days I also want to curl it.



On the whole I would definitely recommend the Monat products as they definitely added body and shine to my thin and fine hair.

Check out Pam on Instagram if you are interested in any Monat products


Check me out on Instagram too


thanks for reading 🙂






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