A few years ago I posted about making a diy kimono. Years later I still love them and this time tried my hand at making a longer one made with a super long scarf.  I love quick and easy diys! And this one is super easy even if you’re not an avid sewer

The beauty of the “fashion kimono” is that their design elements are essentially the same. They are several rectangles sewn together. Beautifully simplistic!

You can make them out of anything, scarves, old sari fabric( I get mine at thrift stores) even stretch knit or fleece fabrics for cooler weather and no seams to finish!!! It’s so inexpensive to buy fabric or scarves at a thrift store or reinvent something you already have!

This time I found a super long scarf for $3.00 at the thrift store! I followed the same steps and made this long kimono! I love how it turned out


Here are some simple instructions

So as you can see!! It couldn’t be easier!!! Happy sewing!

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