So as some of you may know, I moved out of my home that I’ve lived in for the last 16 years to a 2 bedroom apartment.  Of course it hasn’t been easy, but I like to think that I’ve been resilient and focused in creating a comfortable home for myself, my kids and friends to enjoy.  As I explored in my last blog post I’ve been trying to incorporate more  hygge which is the art of creating a cozy and peaceful home.

My goal in decorating my new apartment was not to buy too many new pieces but instead refresh pieces I already had. I also wanted to focus on accessorizing my home with unique and thrifted finds.  Here are my favourite ideas and project from my new home:

1. Chalk painted furniture

To say I love chalk paint is an understatement, it’s literally transformed my home. I can’t believe how easy it is to use! I’m so proud of the results. The brand I chose was Rust Oleum which is a less expensive alternative to other  brands and I loved the results.

The first project I tried  was an old teak table and goodwill chairs and transformed them with country gray paint and matte clear finish




Chalk paint is so easy to work with it virtually needs no sanding or prep, low odor and easy to clean up with just water. A small can  goes a long way. I also painted a tv stand and blanket ladder for my living room.

IMG_8508IMG_8509IMG_8510IMG_8511IMG_8512Processed with MOLDIV

The next project I tackled was an antique desk. I used a darker charcoal grey colour.  I transformed this vintage Hepplewhite desk to such an elegant piece,  I love how it turned out. I sanded the edges to expose the original darker wood

Pinterest served as a huge inspiration for this project.



2. Accessorize with unique and vintage pieces.  One of my favorite things to do is accessorize with unusual and vintage pieces. For example these antique tin ceiling tiles had chipped paint, rust and wear and added some interest over my couch when mounted in square picture frames.


3. Display things that you love

I’ve collected pottery for years I love incorporating them with faux and real flowers, soft lighting and candlelight.  I also love quotes and update my chalkboard with a new seasonal  message.




5. Invite friends over, make good food, light candles and enjoy the comforts of home. I had an amazing wine and cheese party last night and I can’t tell you the joy and happiness it brought to me to share good conversation, good food and wine and sharing my creative inspiration with others. To me, that to me is what makes a house a home. Thanks for reading!! ❤️




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