Declutter your home and declutter your mind

IMG_7110.PNGHappy New Year!✨🍾🥂  2018 is here! For the first time in my life I’m actually happy Christmas is over. It’s been a difficult year for many reasons but I’m optimistic for the future ❤️ I know that the clutter of my mind and my house has put me in a mood where I just want to purge.  It’s stealing my joy and it’s put me in a state where I feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward. Don’t get me wrong I do love decorating and I don’t intend to stop. However, I know in the future I’ll have to take care in only adding items that I truly love into my home.  As I’ve grown older I’ve started to see the connection of “clutter” in my house  has become a huge contributor to my procrastination and anxiety.  When I walk into someone’s house that is organized I automatically become suspicious asking myself “where is all their stuff?” 🤔 It’s not even that they don’t have stuff it just seems there is a place for everything and maybe that’s the key? I’m still trying to figure it all out! I’ll keep you posted when I do!  💡

As a self-proclaimed “clutterbug” I used to find comfort in “my stuff” but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that it’s held me back in so many ways.  I’m not even going to call this a New Year’s Resolution as this has become a necessity in my life and I’m looking forward to a fresh start. I know it will be hard to change my way of thinking about things but it’s something I have to do.

I recently came across a term called “hygee”, it’s  a Danish term which doesn’t directly translate to one English word.  My interpretation of its meaning is that it embodies comfort in simplicity and I’m definitely drawn to the concept, it’s calling out my name!


This term has been associated with minimalism but I’m not sure if that’s quite it. I think it’s more about being present and your surroundings being comfortable so as a result there is an absence of things that cause stress, aka clutter and things that don’t bring joy. I have recently started reading a few books about organizing/simplifying your life by Marie Kondo.  This is a great series of books that have really helped with inspiration. Some of the ideas are a little out there but I think that there is some value to be taken from these books.


I really  dread the decluttering process ahead of me but I know the reward will be having the lights dimmed, candles lit, social media turned off, blankets, warm drinks and books and a restored piece of mind. ❤️  In my part of Canada we have Winter nearly half the year so we spend a lot of time indoors as a result.


I will likely be moving in the new year and in an effort to downsize  and I hope to incorporate these concepts into my new home. I’m going to try to challenge myself in the coming weeks!



I will keep you posted in the next few months to my decluttering and incorporating more hygee in my life. In the meantime here is a little inspiration board I’m using to keep me motivated…✨💡❄️☕️🔥


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All the best in 2018✨❄️

Xo Lynda

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