Thrifting for Special Occasions

Sorry for not blogging in awhile but better late than never.

It’s finally spring and soon to be summer!  But, you know what that means….graduation and wedding season.  I swear there was one year that I attended 1 graduation and 2-3 weddings/dressy events in a course of several months.  Back in the day before I was a thrifter, I would only buy one nice dressy outfit and wear it to every single event and hope I’d see different people!  😂 Pretty boring but frankly that was all I could afford and I didn’t know there was an alternative.

Nowadays I know better and I can wear something fabulous and different to every event without breaking the budget.  ❤️

Here are my tips for finding lovely thrifted finds to wear to your next special event.

1. Firstly, do your research! Grab the latest fashion magazine and take note of colours and styles that are in style. You would be amazed at how classics always are in style. Think Audrey Hepburn, find yourself a lbd(little black dress) a strand of vintage costume pearls, sweep your hair into an updo and add some red lipstick 💄 and you’re set!!

IMG_9517I was struck last year when I attended my niece’s graduation banquet how bright colours and sequins have made a comeback. Even if you find a vintage gown that needs a little update such as hemming or updates you’re still going to save a ton!

2. Know your brands

When thrifting dressy or formal wear, take a little window shopping tour of one of your favourite dress shops or department stores. Take note of the brands that appeal to you and watch out for them, jot down the names keep it in your phone or notepad in your purse.

I have to say I’ve had good luck on this department. In recent years I’ve scored a Hale Bob Silk dress which retails for $500for less than $20 and a gorgeous designer dress by Tadashi that retails for over $350

I’ve had a lot of fun finding thrifted finds for my special events from a summer outdoor wedding to an Olivia Newton-John concert in Vegas!

3. Shop off season

Yes, it’s true, Spring/Summer is the best season to shop for your holiday looks such as velvets and sequins and vice versa, look for those pretty Summer styles in the dead of winter.

So with a little planning and a little  research you can be the belle of the ball with your one of kind outfit for your  next special event. Thrifted accessories such as vintage jewelry, hats, bags and shoes are the finishing touch! 👠👛👒👗

Happy Thrifting!! 💗


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