So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that blush is everywhere.  What is blush exactly you ask?

Well, it’s got a few definitions anywhere from embarrassment to a mix of wine ☺️


I guess for my purposes I’m thinking of that lovely soft pinky peach, almost nude or beige but more pink. It’s perfect for spring and it looks gorgeous with other colours like olive, mint and turquoise!

Lately I’ve been finding some such lovely blush items at the thrift and discount stores

I find blush really suits a lot of skin tones and is feminine and pairs well with rose gold.  Blush has a bit of sophistication to it that I love it!

I’ve been inspired by the gorgeous home decor and outfits I’ve found online

I love blush and hope to wear it all Spring and Summer! It’s such a versatile and pretty colour that can act as a neutral!

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