How to be stylish even in cool weather

So in my part of Western Canada , Edmonton, Alberta, the snow flies as early as October like it did last night!! ❄️😱

However that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish!  Take advantage of the rich colours and forgiving layers and have fun!

Here are my favorite things that are my go-tos for cooler weather dressing

1. Capes

Truly one of my fave things to wear in the cooler weather! It’s literally like wrapping a blanket around you!

Capes can be thrifted on purchased online for a great price!!

2. Leggings or tights.

I love how leggings and tights are both flattering and warm and I prefer them over jeans for keeping warm! They come in so many colors and patterns and they look great with sweaters, dresses and tunics!


3. Knee high boots or over the knee boots!

Both  are equally cute and add such style to any outfit! I love how there is so many choices out there!

3. Blanket Scarves

There is nothing like a great blanket scarf, it not only keeps you cozy but the vibrant colours draw attention to your face and you can experiment with bolder makeup and lip colours!

4. Bold lipstick

I love how in the fall that you can rock a deep red or crimson lip and it looks so rich and beautiful 💋💄

5. Knit skirts

Paired with tights, leggings and boots I love the look of a figure hugging knit skirt, they look great!


So there you have it!  You can still look cute in cooler weather! And remember you’ll look amazing in the warm light of a cozy fireplace!! 🙌🍂🍁🔥

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