Everything old is new again!! Fashion deju vu

Fashion is interesting. Probably aging myself a bit here but  I was born in the 70’s and was a teenager in the 80’s and a young adult in the 90’s. The early 2000’s for me was mommy sweatpant time having 2 kids in less than two years so fashion wasn’t a priority. Now what my kids are older I have a renewed interest in fashion and I’m always secretly happy when my  girls want to borrow my clothes!!😂

So I was eight years old when Grease came out in 1978! We all loved Sandy #2’s transformation. Notice her moto jacket? A 70’s movie mimicking 50’s style and here were are in 2016 and moto jackets are hotter than ever!

Then came the 80’s.

The off the shoulder trend was in full force this summer! Remember back in the early 80’s when Olivia Newton-John sported many off the shoulder looks in Xanadu

Then came the late 80’s. Remember  Molly Ringwold’s outfit in Breakfast Club? I totally would wear it now!! Look at that leather skirt, brown leather jacket , scarf and knee high boots! Don’t forget those diamond stud earrings daddy bought her!


The  90’s was the era of the choker! Alicia Silverstone & Drew Barrymore wore them all the time

I’m sure there are a million other examples! Bomber jackets were super popular in the 80’s I had a polkadot one like this


Of course  when trends come back they’re always a bit reinvented but the basic elements are similar!

Thanks for joining me on my journey down fashion memory lane! 😃

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