Shop your own closet?

So don’t get me wrong, I love shopping but as I peruse all the fall fashion trends I see some familiar elements.  If you’re a clothes hound like me I often become very overwhelmed with my own wardrobe. I’ve decided I’m going to “try” to buy  only a few things this fall. I am convinced that accessories are key and goodness knows, accessory- wise I’m doing ok!

1. Traditional plaid scarf-doesn’t everyone have this blanket scarf? I got mine for super cheap online


2. High boots in black and light brown?  I got these both at The Bay. I need wide calf but waterproof or at the very least water resistant is a must for Canadian winters

3. A choker

I’ve noticed ever YouTuber is wearing one and they are little more than a string or a ribbon, pretty easy to make?  This one is from the dollar store


i scored these beauties second hand for $30. I love scouring thrift stores for them, so easy to find


A chambray shirt or two?

I have about 5, they’re all different shades of blue, styles and all thrifted, kind of a classic really


There are a few more things like big cozy sweaters and leggings which we all have!

Enjoy shopping your own closet this fall! 😀


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