DIY Boho Bed Canopy

So my daughter was inspired by some of the pictures she’s seen on Pinterest and Tumblr.  She asked me to help her make this fabulous boho chic canopy for her bed! Best part is all items were from the dollar store or Walmart. This cost less than $20!!!

Here’s what you’ll need:


a hulahoop or ring

4 white sheer panels


command adhesive hooks

fairy lights or paper lanterns

What to do

1.cut the hoop and thread the panels around and tape.

2. Make a criss/cross with your string.

3. Knot the string at 4 points along the hoop

4. Hang the canopy with adhesive hooks on the ceiling

5. Hang fairy lights or a battery operated paper lantern

Love how this turned out!!! So pretty and inexpensive too!!




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