Wild about animal print


My memories of animal print in clothing go way back to the 70’s!! My mom had this great leopard print raincoat she wore often! She often joked about being roared at by passersby whenever she wore it! Lol! Not sure if anyone these days could get away with such behaviour! Lol! 🐅

Since I’ve become more interested in fashion I find that I seem to have more and more animal print from scarves to skirts to shoes

this is similar to my Mom’s coat



I seem to have accumulated a lot of leopard print items!!!😂

I’ve particularly enjoyed the new trend of mixing animal prints with wardrobe classics like denim, plaid, houndstooth tweed and stripes. They compliment each other so much!

Here a few of my favourite combinations!! The rules aren’t really strict, just look for some similar colours and go for it!


I’ve done the mixing animal print thing a few times and now I’m hooked!

If you’re shy about mixing your animal prints just start small, a small purse or shoes can make a subtle pattern mixing statement! 😀


Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start for inspiration!!

The most important rule is have fun and let them hear you roar!!!🐯

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