Thrifting 101

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Some of my best thrifted scarves!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge thrifter!!

if I didn’t thrift then there is no way I’d have so many clothes! It’s  also a great way to stand out! Not gonna lie…it is more effort to find pieces that work for you but ultimately it’s worth the hunt if you’re patient!

Here are my tips for the new thrifter!!

  1. On your first outing, don’t go on a sale day. Strange advice? Perhaps but it’s your first foray into the thrifting world you might be disappointed if you go when it’s busy or when items are picked over.
  2. Make a list…in your head, a piece of paper or your phone. Think about what you need. Maybe it’s a pair  of dark wash jeans, a simple navy cardigan or a pair of low heel brown boots? Keeping in mind what you need in your wardrobe will help you stay focused.  Although sometimes it’s ok to be   hopelessly drawn to that  funky purple sweater, it  may have a place in your wardrobe too.
  3. Know your brand names. Not that it’s all about brand names but often well known brand names can be higher quality. When you are buying “once loved” items, quality makes a huge difference on how they’ll hold up in the wash.
  4. Know when the sales are! Once you’re a more experienced thrifter you’ll know the ropes. If you have a membership at the thrift store, some will offer you advance sales before the general public! This is a great way to take a good look before everything is picked over.
  5. Donate and recycle your wardrobe! Some stores offer coupons or discounts when you donate! Getting rid of a few bags of clothing that you no longer wear will give you the freedom to pick out a few new pieces guilt free!!! It’s also great for the environment.
  6. Have fun! Adding that one unique vintage piece will add to your wardrobe!  It could be a cute brooch or pair of shoes or that funky purple sweater! If it goes with a couple things in your wardrobe! Go for it!  Being original is the best fashion statement you can make!!!

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